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LOCATED AT HOPE & MAIN KITCHEN IN WARREN, RI - McDaffa's makes it easy and convenient for our customers to get fresh, hand-made donut cakes.

Donut cakes, really? What's a donut cake, you ask? We are passionate about donut cakes.  We believe there is nothing in this world better than an old fashioned, raised donut...well, except an old fashioned, supersized, raised donut a.k.a donut cake.

Boom! 💥

Yeah we did. That's right, we make raised donuts in the size of a cake - frosted and covered with sprinkles.  The combination of flavors and texture is like no other - light silky dough, sweet frosting, along with crunchy sprinkles...a flavor explosion! 

After 12 months of R&D we came up with a proprietary recipe a.k.a our secret sauce that we know you'll love! Unlike other donuts, that are made from a bag mix, our raised dough is plant-based and kosher,  made from the finest ingredients imported from France...and we all know how the French love to bake fine dough, Oh La La! Our donut cakes are all hand made with the freshest ingredients. In fact, our plant-based donut cakes are peanut, tree nut, and animal product free containing no egg or dairy.  *Please note that our frosting is made on equipment that is exposed to wheat, egg, dairy, and soy - our products do contain soy. 

We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy these delicious donut cakes... on-demand!  Our goal is to make getting these delicious donut cakes easy, conveniently when you want them, birthdays, holidays, anydays!

Our business is family run, and if you're wondering about the company name, well that's from combining the last names of our managing partners.

We invite you to join our community of passionate donut cake lovers...hope to see you soon! 

BTW: We've relocated to Hope & Main Kitchen in Warren RI.


At McDaffa's, we sell fresh donut cakes made by hand and we make ordering them easy! You can conveniently order online from your laptop, tablet or phone, arrange a pick-up or you can request delivery. 
Just give us any special instructions during check-out, or email us at mcdaffasdonutcakes@gmail.com
 We'll work with you to coordinate things from there!
Ask us about a customized design, we love a creative donut cake challenge!
Ooh, almost forgot to mention our cakes are plant-based and allergen friendly :-)
Check out some of our designs below
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